Acroyoga – Everything You Need To Know

All the disciplines that have to do with yoga and its variants are becoming more and more fashionable. Gone are the countries that could be counted on the fingers of one hand and they were the ones that practiced countless of these different techniques. Luckily, they have been expanding more and more and it is already more than normal, being able to find it in almost all countries.

Among the many different disciplines of yoga, we have arrived at Acroyoga, whose name will surely not ring a bell for many, but surely they have seen some of its figures and positions.

Acroyoga, to put you in a situation, you have to explain what it is about. Acroyoga is a combination of yoga (as you can imagine from the name) but it is also combined with acrobatics. It is, therefore, the combination of both.

With this discipline, apart from obviously a better position in the body, it is a combination of body and mind. For the mental part of yoga and the physical part of acrobatics. Being able to start with this discipline is not difficult and although not everyone, of course, can start from scratch and want to make some spectacular figures (because it requires a lot of flexibility, strength, concentration and technique ), if you can start with basic and very simple things.

For this reason, acroyoga can be done by anyone of any age. Little by little and after evaluating the aptitudes of each person, it begins. There are many centers where acroyoga classes are already taught, so it will be easy for you to sign up and start being a yogi acrobat.


  1. Acroyoga, as we have already mentioned, is a fusion. Acrobatics have been mixed with some Thai massage and yoga. The result, the spectacular figures that are made with acroyoga.
  2. When you start in this yoga and acrobatics, many (if not almost all) words will sound like Chinese. Don’t worry, it’s normal. You will quickly get the hang of it. But, to begin with, you should know that one of the words that you will hear the most will be “solar practice”.
  3. What is solar practice? You will hear it if you practice acroyoga, because that is what the acrobatics you do is called.
  4. The stunts are not only designed and intended to be beautiful, but also so that you, who do them, begin to develop parts of your selves that you did not know or have parked. As they are, for example; confidence, tenacity, strength, fun, integration, motivation, etc.
  5. To start doing acroyoga it is obvious that you will need a lot of confidence. You will start with the basics, at the beginning. But, even so, it is more than obvious that you need to trust, no matter how little, in the person who grabs you, lifts you up into the air, swings you with his legs, turns you, etc. And you, the same for the other person. Keep in mind that here; you only work with the body. Nothing more.
  6. Apart from trust in general, it is important that you trust yourself. In your abilities, in your strength, in your skill, in your concentration. If you fail, you fail in the acrobatics and therefore, your partner also fails.
  7. You have to want to have fun and improve yourself. This is not a competition. In acroyoga one has fun. If it doesn’t come out the first time, it will come out. You compete at most, with yourself. For overcoming yourself, for wanting to do well, for seeing how far you can go… but in the meantime, you will fall, it will cost you, you will sweat… and you will have fun.
  8. If in yoga, the connections are very specific, in acroyoga, which is also a mixture of yoga, it is moving, trusting, having that connection with your partner; it is just as important too.
    When you start with this discipline, both you and your partner will have to leave your mind empty. Out of trouble. You only have to think about the postures, to feel the muscles, to feel the body … it is very important, so as not to fall, not to fail, not to hurt the partner… you are a pair. And concentration, therefore, will be paramount.
  9. When you start to have some practice, more movements and more freedom with your body, you will find that your capabilities will increase. And not only can you do movements, figures and acrobatics with one person, you can do acrobatics with two, with three… and so on, with as many as you want and can.
  10. Although this practice is not as relaxing as yoga, it is still a discipline that has a lot to do with yoga. As much as it also has stunts. That is why meditation also has a very important role. It should not be underestimated. It gives a lot of peace, relaxes a lot, helps and has benefits for the body, for movement, lightness, self-improvement, challenges, concentration, personal awareness, relaxation and fellowship.
  11. The differences clearly exist. Because in yoga, peace and relaxation is absolute. You have to leave your head free of thoughts and not get blocked, just relax and feel peace. And this, with acroyoga, does not happen 100%.
  12. There are some bases that will explain to you as soon as you start it. You should know that the roles of which it consists will be three.
  13. The first role will be the base. What is? It is the person who will (never better said) base. The one that touches the ground and the one that will hold the other person who will be in the air and her body will leave it on the other (the base). Of course, you must have the “base” strength, endurance and confidence.
  14. Then there is the other part, the one called the flyer. What is? The flyer, as its name suggests, will be the person who does not touch the ground, who is “flying” and is suspended over the “base” and her body. This person will be the one who will begin to be in charge of performing the figures and acrobatics. Obviously, since she is on another person, she must trust, have enough confidence to know that all her weight of her will be supported by another person and that, if the other person slacks, or makes a mistake, she will fall.
  15. Finally, we find the spotter. What is? The spotter is the watchman. So to speak, he is the person who will take care that everything is under control. He will notice and worry that you do not fall or the base or the flyer. That you are on a good secure base, do not slip, he will correct your postures, grips, control you, watch over you, observe and take care of everything that is necessary.
  16. You have to know when you start, what your first class will be like. If this worries you, we reveal the secrets. First of all, calm down. Everyone has started one day from nothing. So keep it in mind and move forward.
  17. In the class always before starting with acroyoga, a greeting is made. Among all, they greet each other and begin what they are, the breaths.
  18. After the salute, they begin with the warm-up. This step is absolutely essential. Think that you have to perform many different acrobatics, they are stretching, movements… you use the muscles, the tendons, all the parts of the body. So it is vital to avoid injuries.
  19. Knowing what acroyoga sessions or classes are like, you will probably ask yourself, what can I get with this, what will I get if I get anything? Well, to begin with, when you do something you love or are excited about, that affects you. You do something you like and it makes you happy. It brings you happiness.
  20. Later, in the practical field, obviously, acroyoga, being acrobatics, will bring you many benefits on a physical level. You will improve flexibility a lot, you will improve movement, you will improve body coordination, you will have more agility, you will surely notice an alignment of your body posture and of course, you will have more strength. Does not worry in advance if all this is scarce at the beginning, we assure you that little by little it will get better?
  21. Another of the parts that helps a lot and improves, although it is not valued, is an important improvement of the core. Do you know what the core is? It is nothing more or less than the core and stabilizer muscles that are not always valued or talked about, but are very important for optimal fitness. The key is this: if you have a core in perfect condition, you will be able to have more strength and, therefore, more muscle mass you will be able to gain. In the end, you will gain strength and you will be able to perform more stunts.

What do you need

  • A companion or companion to be able to elaborate with him/her the acrobatics.
  • Feeling like disconnecting, leaving your mind free.
  • You like acrobatics and yoga.
  • Have some strength and flexibility.


Acroyoga no matter how spectacular or beautiful or complicated it looks, it should never scare you. The question that comes to mind is always the same: can I do it? Of course. The great advantage of Acroyoga is that anyone who feels like it can sign up. It doesn’t matter if you are more or less flexible. There are levels for everyone.

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