How to Play Baseball

Baseball is a tremendously popular sport in the United States, and in a few countries in Latin America and Europe, but outside of there its popularity is not that great. It is a team sport in which a ball can be caught and caught in one hand with a glove and hit with a wooden bat.

This sport requires strength, coordination and speed. So it is ideal to put into practice and spend very pleasant and fun times with friends.

Now we will teach you how to play baseball step by step and in an easy way.

Instructions for playing baseball

  • To begin with, you need to know that this sport is played in times, known as entries in a single field. These entries will be divided into high and low. During the game one team will try to score points while the other defends the field.
  • A complete team will defend in the field while the other team in turns of one tries to hit the ball.
  • The game starts with an entire team defending. A ball is thrown to a batter on the offensive team and he tries to hit it and then run down the field and back to his starting position. While the defensive team tries to hit the runner with the ball to knock him out. When 3 “outs” are scored, the teams switch.
    It starts with a single member of the offensive team batting and as the game progresses we can find three or four partners waiting to finish their career.
  • The field is made up of the “infield” and the “outfield”. The infield is the interior area where the runs take place and the players are located at the beginning. This will have a diamond shape in whose corners the four bases marked by a white pad will be located. The distance from one base to another is the same. And the inside of the infield is made of grass, while the path that the runners follow from one base to another is made of dirt.
    The bases correspond to the corners of the field through which the runners must pass, always in order to score points. In these corners there will also be safe zones so that the runners who have been left in the middle of the race can wait to continue the race at the next launch if the player wishes.
    In the center of the infield is a mound of dirt where the pitcher will stand.
  • One of the bases is called “home plate” and its pad consists of five sides, while the rest consists of four. The batter stands at home plate. He also has three squares, two on the sides marking the batter’s limits and one behind where the catcher (the player who will catch the ball in case the batter misses) stands.
  • If the batter hits the ball and it lands to the left of third base or to the right of first then the hit is an invalid foul. Foul lines are normally marked on the field.
  • The outfield is all the grassy space that is beyond the dirt strips and where the foul lines continue. There are no established measures that mark the outfield but it is a very large space. “The fence” is what the farthest edge is called.
    In the outfield there will be several players from the defensive team who will try to catch the batted ball and return it.
  • The game. While the team is attacking, all players take turns batting. On the other hand, while he is defending, each one will occupy a place on the field.
    pitcher will stand on the pitcher’s mound and must throw the ball to the batter, so he must throw it directly at home plate and at a certain height to be considered valid.
    The first base catcher is placed on first base if he catches the ball before the batter passes his base then the batter’s run will be out.
    The second base catcher stands at second base defending the area between first and second base. E he tries to put out the runner.
    The third base catcher stands third base with the same function, but he must have such throwing power that he can throw the ball to the first base catcher if necessary across the entire diamond.
    The shortstop guards the space between second and third base by throwing the ball to any catcher to get out.
    The outfielders (three players) will position themselves in the outfield to catch the high and long balls and continue the same dynamic of passing it to the catcher to get out.
  • If the player is out then he stops rotating at bats and does not continue the play.
    When three players are out, teams will be exchanged.

What do you need to play baseball?

  • baseball field
  • bat
  • baseball gloves
  • baseball-ball

Tips for playing baseball

  • Less intense competitions will have seven entries, whereas college competitions will have nine entries.
  • Avoid touching or harassing the referee because otherwise you will be sanctioned. The referee’s word is final so it’s better not to argue with him.
  • All defensive players will wear a special leather glove with which they can catch the ball and protect their hand.

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