How to Increase Muscle Definition

We define muscle definition as the low percentage of fat in the muscles. I mean, if a person has a lot of muscular definition, he will always have a small amount of fat in his muscles and they will be seen as they are.

When we have a lot of body fat, muscle definition is not going to be good. We may have a lot of muscle mass, but we are going to have ugly, unattractive and oversized muscle due to fat. It is much more beautiful to have a striated muscle, whose fibers are noticeable and it looks well defined.

Furthermore, in professional bodybuilding competitions, the definition of the bodybuilder is highly valued. A bodybuilder must not only arrive strong at the competition, but must arrive with a very low percentage of body fat, sometimes reaching very low levels of 5% fat, ideal for competition.

This is because a huge muscle full of water and fat is not aesthetic. The aesthetic is a muscle that looks good, that is, a defined one. Even if you are not a professional bodybuilder, you are interested in having a defined muscle for aesthetic reasons, since that is how your work in the gym will be noticed and you will have a much more beautiful body.

The bad thing about this is that there are a lot of myths in bodybuilding, which make people, make a lot of mistakes when it comes to training. People believe in nonsense like that low weight and high repetitions define or that fat has nothing to do with it.

Today I am going to disprove all those myths, also teaching you all the secrets to achieve good muscle definition, to be able to be for next summer with the best possible aesthetics.

Instructions to increase muscle definition

  1. Eat less:
    As I said before, the most important thing to achieve good muscle definition is to have a low percentage of body fat. Body fat covers the muscle and does not show the work, so what we must do to have defined muscles is to lower the percentage of fat as much as possible (without going too far), to make it look. This ideal percentage is usually approximately between 8 and 15% fat, so that the muscle looks good. The equation to lose fat is simple, eat fewer calories than you spend, since it is the way to enter the so-called caloric deficit and thus achieve good weight loss. To do this, calculate the calories you eat right now and eat 500 calories of what you need. Always try to eat clean foods such as eggs, vegetables, rice… avoiding junk foods such as sugar. With clean food, the hormonal response is better and a better definition is achieved.
  2. Gain muscle mass:
    Obviously to achieve good muscular aesthetics, there must be a lot of work behind it. If you lose a lot of fat and have never done weights, you will have a body commonly called “skinny fat”, that is, someone who is skinny, but has flaccid muscles. This is because your muscle mass is almost zero and there is nothing to show. To do this, perform weight lifting exercises to achieve good muscle definition, as this way you will be able to show off your muscles when you lose weight by following the rest of the tips in this tutorial.
  3. Hit training:
    For its acronym in English, high intensity interval training is one of the best ways to lose weight that exists. First of all, it is effective because it puts the body in a very high state of stress. something necessary to lose weight. Second, the body does not develop tolerance to it and will always work. Finally, the hit is done in a very short time, since it only requires a few minutes a day for it to have an effect. The way to do this is to perform an exercise at a very high intensity for a short time, such as doing a sprint, burped, jump rope, or doing a fitness circuit very quickly. We will do it, we will rest a few seconds and then we will do another interval, until completing a few minutes, as many as we are able (between 4 and 10 minutes depending on the physical form of the subject in question). Thanks to hit, we will lose fat without losing any muscle, since it is not catabolic.
  4. Cardiovascular exercise:
    Finally we have the traditional way to lose weight, the cardiovascular exercise of a lifetime. Exercises such as cycling, long distance running or rowing are cardio exercises, since being long and of low intensity; they are made in supply of oxygen. Cardio works to lose weight, but it should be done very sporadically, since it has the disadvantage of being catabolic, that is, it favors the destruction of muscle mass. The reason is that it is better for the body to have slow non-hypertrophic fibers for cardio, since they are more resistant fibers, but smaller (that is why marathon runners have small and unattractive bodies and sprinters look like bodybuilders, because of the fibers ). Do some low-intensity cardio once a week, no more, to see results.

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