How to Do Soccer Tricks

Soccer is the king sport in our country and one of the most popular sports in the world due to the excitement of the matches and the great tradition that exists in this sport.

One of the most striking things that exist in football are dribbles and tricks, in which the players seem like real ball jugglers, managing to amaze everyone with their tricks and skills that seem impossible to achieve.

All lovers of the king sport want to perform soccer tricks to imitate great players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Nyman, who treat the ball very well and even use these flashy tricks of watermarks as a resource for matches.

Performing these tricks is easier than it seems on television, since it really is practice and coordination with the ball. And keep trying until you get it, therefore, unless you are a person with serious motor incoordination, you will be able to perform some basic soccer tricks to impress all your friends.

What do you need to do soccer tricks?

  • A soccer ball.
  • A place to practice sports.
  • A lot of practice and a lot of desire to learn to play soccer and do good tricks.

Instructions for doing soccer tricks

  1. Tap:
    It is the basic movement when performing soccer tricks, since tapping is the basis of many soccer tricks that are usually performed and if you do not know how to tap you will not be able to move on to the next phase. The correct way to hit is to hit with your feet, knees, chest and head without the ball touching the ground even once. To do this we are going to try to give the ball just the right amount of force when giving the touch, which we are going to touch with the outside of the foot and gently, trying not to let it fall to the ground. The secret of touches is to practice every day until you manage to perform at least 20 touches without touching the ground. If you have a hard time, start by letting the ball bounce once on the ground on each touch, which will make it a bit easier for beginners. Once you are able to tap, we can move on to the next.
  2. Soccer tricks:
    Now we are going to name the best soccer tricks and the best way to perform them correctly.

    1. Around the world: Advanced trick that consists of making a 360 turn with the foot around the ball that is in the air. It should start from making touches, in which we must quickly turn the foot when the ball is rising to return the foot to the initial position and touch the ball again. It is a trick that requires a lot of speed, a lot of force control and a lot of patience; because you will have to repeat many times to does it well.
    2. Pick it up: This trick starts from the ground and consists of grabbing the ball with both legs and lifting it to continue hitting. To do this, we are going to catch the ball with both feet and use the strength of the feet to make a small jump, pick up the ball and quickly land in the starting position and start to touch the ball. The way to do it well is to master the movement of lifting the ball and do it slowly. It is good to choose a good soccer ball to practice this trick.
    3. Chest control: This control consists of letting the ball fall on the chest and stretching backwards in such a way that the ball is completely still on our chest. To do this we start by tapping, we lift the ball a little higher than normal and let it fall on our chest, which we throw back so that the surface is not inclined and the ball does not fall. Once we finish we will drop the ball on the foot to continue giving touches.
    4. Ball behind the neck: A variation of the chest control, but this time we are going to raise the ball until it is above our head, which we will throw back so that the ball falls on our neck and stays there. This trick has no other secret than practice, having to master lifting the ball so that it falls right on the back of the neck in a smooth way.
    5. Ground Tricks:
      Now as a bonus, we are going to explain some of the most famous ground dribbles in the world.
    6. The bicycle: The simplest and at the same time the most famous, consists of making a feint giving a half circle with the legs on top of the ball to hit it and leave the rival in a moment.
    7. Roulette: Popularized by the great Zane, it must be done by going around the ball completely, putting one or two feet on top of the ball and turning 360 to get away from the rival.
    8. The elastic: Originally from Brazil, it is a trick that is performed with only one foot and that consists of making a kind of movement first to the right and then to the left very quickly (hence the name elastic).
    9. The croquet: Movement popularized by players like Inkiest, this trick is simple but effective since it only consists of passing the ball from the inside of one foot to the inside of another and then again to the inside of the foot before we have advanced, creating a pinball effect on the ball and managing to leave the rival.

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