Activities to Tone Muscles

We know how to tone muscles how to make them look stronger and more defined. A defined musculature is always much more attractive, both for men and women.

Muscle toning is usually the obsession of many people on these dates, since summer is more or less 3 months away and everyone wants to perform the bikini operation, to get to summer with a decent physique that looks worthy of power. To teach.

The problem is that the internet is full of contradictory information about this topic, which is why it may be that we are left with many doubts when it comes to toning muscles, making many mistakes that will make you not achieve your goal or that rebounds in no time.

In my opinion, there is little information because there is little interest from people in general for this topic, since they are really only interested in getting in shape for the bikini operation , when it should be like this all year round in my opinion.

With the advice that I am going to offer you, you will not only tone your muscles for the bikini operation, but you will be able to stay fit all your life if you do them often.

What do you need

  • One Chantal.
  • Willpower.
  • Being able to go to a gym.


  1. Dieting:
    You may have been surprised when you read this, however, you will never be able to tone your muscles well if your body fat percentage is high, since the fat will cover your work and you will look flaccid. I will also tell you that strict diets usually don’t work either, since they destroy your metabolism and cause you to end up having a rebound effect after a short time, taking the kilos you lost plus a few extra kilos of tip. Instead of doing that I like to do the bodybuilding flex diet, which is just eating what you need while counting calories (putting in 500 kcal less than what you need to lose), however, you will need to put in all the calories from healthy foods, eliminating food like sugar, trans fat, and alcohol.
  2. Cardio: Cardio
    exercises are quite good when it comes to losing weight and as we know, when we lose weight, our muscles will look much more toned because there is no fat. Start out running a couple of days a week(but not because it’s bad for your metabolism) and you’ll see how you start to lose more and more fat and feel better. You can also ride a bike, do other sports like soccer and, in short, move more.
  3. Basic weightlifting exercises:
    As I say in other articles, weightlifting should be an activity that everyone should do, since it makes you have a lot of muscle mass and you gain strength and health. The best exercises are the basic exercises, with which your whole body will grow and that you should do whether you are a man or a woman.

    1. Bench press: Exercise for the chest and triceps, it is performed on a flat bench, lowering the bar to the chest and raising it explosively.
    2. Squats: Exercise for the entire leg and that also helps you improve your hormone levels naturally. Go down to parallel (when your knee is at 90 degrees to your gluten) and squat all the way down.
    3. Military press: Exercise for the shoulder and triceps. Pull the bar all the way up (get under it) and lower to your chest.
    4. Deadlift: Ideal exercise for the back of the leg, abdomen, trapezius, back and grip. Raise the bar with your back straight and using your gluten as leverage.
  4. High-intensity cardio:
    Also called hit, it is a type of cardio that is performed at a very short time and at a high intensity. An example is performing sprints (running to the fullest); since it burns a lot of calories and takes little time to do. You can include a hit routine twice a week (on days you don’t do any other type of cardio) and does everything from sprints to jump ropes, going through exercises like burgees or jump squats.


  • Change forever: Do not be one of those who only take it seriously before the summer, because if you do it that way, you will lose everything you have achieved in a short time. What you should do is try to be in shape all year round, eat normally, avoiding junk food (less once a week as cheat food) and not stop going to the gym, since that way you will always achieve good health and a good physical condition.

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