How to Swim Breaststroke

Swimming breaststroke is the same as swimming breaststroke, it is a swimming style in which the swimmer must float face down, the arms must point forward and the palms turned, once in this position a series of movements must be executed horizontally: the arms are opened behind until they are aligned with the shoulders, always being below or above the surface of where the water is, the legs should shrink, the knees should be inside, while the ankles should be located outside, at Then the legs should be stretched with an impulse while the arms go to the front in a vertical way, after this the cycle will start again. Continue reading How to swim breaststroke.

If we take the four styles that exist for swimming competitions, that is butterfly, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, the latter is the one that turns out to be the slowest, in fact the world record is below the freestyle. Swimmers who swim faster breaststroke can reach a speed of approximately 1.67 meters per second, when swimming breaststroke more strength is needed compared to other styles, including butterfly, also this style makes them use more the muscles located in the legs.

The breaststroke or breaststroke style is complicated but when it comes to perfecting it will be easy. Once you manage to coordinate your movements you will see that it becomes easier for you and you will thus be able to swim relaxed and in a fairly fluid way.

How to swim breaststroke

This style has evolved a lot in modern years, in fact it went from being the flattest of all to being undulating in a light way, in this style there is no push, you only have the grip, the pull and the recovery, in this style the greatest propulsion is given by the legs, that is, the opposite of the others.

The phases

The grip

You should start with your arms extended forward and your hands should be practically together, from that position your hands should be directed upwards and then outward in a lateral way, the palms should be oriented exactly in the same direction as the movement.


You must flex your elbows and thus produce an internal rotation of your arms, your hands should go back and then inwards.


You must extend your elbows so that you can bring your hands forward, your palms must be facing each other and parallel to the same direction as the advance, what is sought is that they do not provide resistance, and then you must put yourself in the starting grip position and so on.

The technique

To start swimming breaststroke you must be face down on top of the water, your arms should be extended forward and your legs equally backwards.

Arm movement

The arms must be open backwards until they achieve alignment with the shoulders; the force must be made backwards, thus producing the advance.


If desired as a form of sport, you can also swim with the butterfly kick, but it would not be within the rules established by FINA, although some countries accept it, it is still allowed to do one of these kicks at the time of swimming. Exit and in the turn as it is considered to be a totally natural movement.

The knees must be bent and the feet close to the buttock, with the feet circular movements must be made until they touch, then they must be fully extended again, this movement must be done quickly.

You should start kicking at the moment of breathing; it can be a little before but not after.

The breathing

You must breathe through your mouth, sticking your head out each time it is your turn to stroke.

The most common mistakes when swimming breaststroke (breaststroke)

The extremities of the lower part and the hips very low.

Stretching your neck too far.

Breathe in late, that is, at the moment when the arms are already recovering.

Legs, arms, and body do not extend well.

Keep your elbows wide open at the start of your stroke.

Recovery of the arms at a great depth.

Hips with a lot of flexion.

Start the kick with your feet very close to the surface.

Asymmetric movements in the kick.

Extend the ankles at the moment of propulsion.

Exercises to improve the breaststroke kick

Take an elastic band and put it on your ankles, and start kicking using the board, you should kick in a normal way even if you feel that you are losing power, the band should be in a way that it is not too narrow, but at the same time cause some difficulty when opening it. Then put the board down and swim normally as you normally would, but without removing the headband.

How to improve technique

  • You can practice floating on your stomach while you have your arms extended and together above your head, your legs should also be extended, your head should be between your arms while looking towards the bottom of the pool.
  • Start moving your arms in a circle and outwards, make sure they are in alignment with your shoulders, it is as if you were simulating that you are rowing.
  • Then move your arms until you bring them below your sternum and simultaneously take your head out of the water and start with the kick, you should try to keep your feet relaxed and bend your knees to bring your heels to your buttock, you should not bend them to the hip, the thighs should not change their position during the starting movement.
  • Proceed to extend your arms to the front, that is, to the starting position while also lowering your head towards the water, at the same time you must finish your kick with the realization of a half circle.


  • You must keep your head in a position that seeks to keep the body aligned with the back, for this you must observe the bottom of the pool while you swim and breathe, many people look straight ahead and in this way it is easier to lose the line than It must be straight and in this way the body will look more forced.
  • Always remember the movement in a circular way: stroke – breath and kick.
  • The stroke must end before the kick.
  • It is much better to be able to go further with a single stroke, than to do many small ones.
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What we often hear that it is better to swim in the wrong way than not to do it, is not so true. Although many doctors recommend swimming for different problems, among which we find the back, swimming badly could cause damage or even harm could be done with a style that is not appropriate, for example, the lower back is not suitable for a breaststroke or breaststroke swim and on the other hand, it would be convenient for him to swim back.

It is also common to see people swimming very badly to the point that they force the different joints such as hips, shoulders, knees, so it is important to swim with the correct technique.

Undoubtedly, swimming is a very good and complete exercise, but you must find the most appropriate for each person, it is not enough that traditional medicine says that you have to swim and that’s it.

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