How to Start Swimming

Many people, no matter how old they are, want to start swimming, that is, start learning how to swim. However, many people do not know how to do it.

Starting to swim is the first step to becoming good swimmers. Swimming consists of moving through the water without the need for any aid. However, not only do you have to move, but you also have to learn to do it fluently.

There are several swimming styles, which help you move through the water in a fluid and controlled way. Swimming is a very good exercise to lose weight, since you exercise without problems and it is good for the heart and for the joints.

In addition, swimming is not only used for exercise, but it is also very entertaining, since many people race and others swim many meters and thus entertain themselves. However, it is not only used for this.

The best thing to start swimming for is to save our lives. If we get lost at sea, we have a much better chance of surviving if we know how to swim than if we don’t. People who know how to swim can reach the shore if they are not far away and those who do not know how to swim depend on others to save them, because they will not be able to reach the shore.

The best thing is that starting to swim is not complicated, since there are many people who also want to learn like you. For this reason, many swimming schools have been opened for all ages, something that will help you learn to swim almost anywhere.

Instructions to start swimming

  1. Sign up for a swimming school:
    The first advice I am going to give you to learn swimming the right way is to sign up for a swimming school. These schools are usually found both in summer pools and in winter pools and are used so that everyone can learn to swim at almost any time of the year. Here we are going to explain it separately, since signing up for a swimming school for children is not the same as signing up for a school for adults, so pay close attention.

    1. Children:
      If you have a child less than 12 years of age, you must sign them up for a children’s swimming course. These are given in almost any pool, especially in summer and they are not expensive. In these courses there will be both learning and perfecting. Young children will be placed in one group and older children in another, so your child will be able to learn one year and perfect another. I went to these courses for many years and learned to swim very well, so I recommend them.
    2. Adults:
      Adults are not left out, since, if you are over 12 years old, you will already have to go to an adult swimming school. These are given away to those of children and usually last all year, focusing above all on perfecting the style rather than teaching from scratch, although they do everything. Here it is usually practiced at night, due to the shame that some adults have to do this.
  2. Perfect each style:
    Once we have learned to swim, it is time to perfect. The schools will help you with this, but we must continue to be able to start swimming correctly. Here each style is a world, but normally the key is the synchronization between how we breathe and how we see ourselves. Look at the people who go to the pool and have a level, in order to try to imitate their movements. People who swim butterfly do everything in sync, with both arms at the same time. People who swim front crawl put their head out as well as their arm and only for the essential time, also trying to use their arm as a paddle. Finally, those of the frog style stick their heads out almost at the same time as they make the movement of their hands and feet.
  3. Practice a lot:
    Finally, if we want to succeed, we must practice a lot to achieve excellence. For this reason, we must not be afraid and practice whenever we can. In summer we have the beaches, the legal bathing swamps and the swimming pools. In winter, we should look for heated pools. I advise you to swim an hour a day, always trying to imitate the best, as we have already said, and trying to improve more and more. For example, take advantage of the fact that the pools have clocks and measure the time it takes to get there. In this way, you will be able to try to do it a little faster each time, without making mistakes and with speed. Normally the most orthodox styles are the fastest, so if you go faster it is almost certain that you have improved, so to work on that speed that you have already started swimming, now it is your turn.

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