How to Have a Flat Stomach

When you are fighting against losing body weight, the main factors involved are: establishing a series of physical exercises and a balanced diet made up of multiple nutrients, vitamins and fibers. In addition, the motivations that the person has influences, which will make him, make the best effort without harming himself.

However, diets are established according to the abdominal fat you have, remember, all bodies and organisms are completely different and do not have the same requirements. So, belly fat is usually the most complex to burn, since it gets to position itself around the waist, forming the hated “rubber tires” or “rims”.

In the case of women, abdominal fat is usually a factor that affects their self-esteem; He keeps them in front of a mirror judging that area. Not to mention, that it distances them from the clothes they want to wear, because they feel inhibited to wear certain outfit thinking about the looks or criticism they will attract. Therefore, they long to have a flat abdomen, to feel more comfortable and wear what they want.

Many people when they ask themselves the question: How to have a flat abdomen? They usually use inappropriate strategies that, of course, do not generate any results, only expose their health. Usually, the main cause lies in the misleading advertising that we can see on the billboards that adorn the streets, the brochures that are given to us when walking, and of course, the television fragments that promise results in exchange for exaggerated prices and without the supervision of a professional. Specialist. One of the most commented objects in the communication channels, are the “abdomen reducing devices” or “miraculous creams”, which promise the perfect abdomen without any effort and immediately.

From there, people follow these easy ways thinking that it will lead them to reduce the fat accumulated in the abdomen, when it is not true. Experts on the subject indicate that abdominal fat is not completely eliminated, it can be burned to a large extent, but we will always have a little fat in this area, not being noticed is something else, but it is there. So, reducing abdominal fat is relatively simple and inexpensive, however, you must be patient, because it is not something that is achieved overnight; it requires a great deal of perseverance and perseverance. Forget miracle pills and creams, you’re just wasting money. Here, we teach you “How to have a flat abdomen!”

What do you need to have a flat abdomen?

  • desire
  • exercise table

Instructions to have a flat abdomen

Achieving a toned abdomen is not as complicated as you think. First of all, you should consider that the basis of any loss of body weight or fat involves establishing a healthy diet combined with a series of physical exercises. Factors must be constant, you cannot neglect them for prolonged intervals, and otherwise you would be losing the progress you have made up to that moment. Then:

  1. Set the goals: Of course, we know that the main one is to achieve a toned abdomen. But, for this, you must evaluate and consider certain factors. First, go to a specialist to measure your fat percentage, from there, you will know what the number to beat is.
  2. Physical exercise program: once you know the number to beat, you can plan with an instructor which are the ideal exercises to burn fat and achieve the desired abdomen. He will advise you. However, you can include aerobic exercises with day-to-day activities that are, running, swimming, dancing, and cycling, among others.
  3. Be patient, constant and persevering: we have already mentioned it, losing the abdominal fat that afflicts you so much, is not achieved overnight as reducing devices and creams promise. You must be patient, constant and persevering. Fight for the goal you set for yourself, will it take time? AND IT IS! But, in the end you will get the desired result, and that must be your main motivation.
  4. Control your food: establish a balanced diet, forget about sugars, junk food and carbonated or energy drinks; they all include empty calories that are lodged in different parts of your body, especially around the waist, an area that we want to define. Therefore, drink plenty of water, eat lots of vegetables, fibers and proteins, base your diet on natural or organic products, avoid industrialized ones; they tend to lose many properties during the process.

Here are some simple exercises that will help you achieve the stated objective, from the comfort of your home:

  1. Plank or sit-ups: keep your body horizontal; support yourself on your elbows and toes. The body must remain in a straight line. Thus, bring your chest to the ground without completely touching it, and return to the initial position. Repeat the sequence at least ten times. And speed up the process as you pick up the pace.
  2. Torso lift: lie flat on the floor, then sit down and keep your arms stretched out in front of you, contract your abdominal muscles as much as you can, and repeat the exercise. Do it ten times, at least.
  3. Leg raises: lie on your back, place your arms in your lower back and keep your legs together and straight. Little by little, begin to raise them while exerting pressure on the abdomen, the one that you tolerate. Keep them raised for a few minutes, without losing the straight posture of the rest of the body. Lower them slowly, and repeat.
  4. Abdominal stretches: with this exercise, close you’re routine. Well, it will allow your body to recover from the high-intensity activity you just did. Therefore, lie faces down, totally straight and your hands on the ground. Raise your arms so that the front of your body (back) rises back while you contract your abdomen. Repeat slowly, ten times.

Tips to have a flat stomach

Once you have determined to tone your abdomen, it is important that you take a series of tips that will be very useful when asking yourself: “How to have a flat abdomen?”

  1. You can use a mat to feel more comfortable when performing the exercises on the floor.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Do not demand more than you can give, be patient, your body needs to adapt to physical exercises. Then your stamina will increase.
  5. The speed and strength you add to each exercise will increase as your pace picks up. Don’t pressure yourself.
  6. Accompany your exercise routine, by the music that you like the most. It will make the moment pleasant.
  7. Do not consume pills or creams to reduce belly fat, they are not effective and expose your health. Always consult a specialist doctor in the area. Do not self-medicate or fall for misleading advertising.
  8. Go integrating more exercises into your routine, as your body adapts to physical activity.
  9. Spend at least 45 minutes a day practicing physical activity; especially those that will help you reduce abdominal fat.
  10. The exercises that we mentioned above are just some of the many that you can do to fight abdominal fat.
  11. Remember to practice warm-up exercises before performing abdominal exercises. You can jog or run for ten minutes. Stretch your arms and legs, to avoid subsequent pain.

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