How to Get Started In Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most beautiful sports that exist in the world, since it will allow you to observe a beautiful landscape while exercising in a proper way.

The good thing about mountain biking is that it has both ascents and descents, in which we are going to mix great efforts with climbs and at the same time, fun descents that will test our reflexes and our ability to ride a bicycle.

This type of cycling also has the advantage that being in the mountains; we will not have to share the terrain with other vehicles, being able to go our own way without worrying about anything.

However, you cannot do mountain biking just like that, since some things are needed to start doing it safely, correctly and minimizing all the risks of accidents and problems with your bicycle.

If you want to start mountain biking and you don’t know where to do it, you are in the right article. we are going to teach you in great detail, how to start in this sport, teaching you everything you need to know to be able to do it in the safest way possible, without risk and with the greatest degree of fun.

What do you need to start mountain biking?

  • A mountain bike.
  • Buy the equipment that I am going to teach you next.
  • Read the cycling regulations

Instructions to start in mountain biking

  1. Choosing the bike:
    Obviously, the most important element to mountain biking is choosing a good bike to perform this task. Although to do it in a basic way, a standard bicycle of 50 euros may suffice, for a much more professional result, you need a bike with a more ambitious budget. The first thing we should look at is the changes, which will be seen in the chain rings and sprockets. The ideal is that it has at least 9 sprockets, since this way, we can climb very easily. In the case of the suspension, try to make it of quality, that it can be adjusted from the handlebar and that it can be set both hard and soft (try to have both front and rear suspension). You should also look at other components of the bicycle, such as the brakes, which must be hydraulic disc brakes, the frame, which must be made of carbon fiber so that the bicycle is light and resistant at the same time, and also the wheels, the must be thick to be able to make a good descent. You should also look at the bicycle saddle, since we are going to sit in it and it must at least be comfortable. Finally we will look at the pedals, which I recommend that they be mixed pedals, that is, that they have a standard pedal part and on the other a pedal part with a hook for special shoes (automatic pedals).
  2. Basic equipment for mountain biking:
    Now we are going to look at the basic equipment for this sport, that is, what we must carry. We recommend special shoes that can be attached to the clip less pedals so that we can pedal more easily... Also of course you cannot miss the helmet to prevent us from injuring our heads in case of falling, accompanied by a good suit that protects us from scratches and good gloves so that the grip is more ergonomic. We will also need to carry water in the bottle, since it is a very hard sport, so we will choose a good bottle that keeps the water fresh. Finally, we must bear in mind to wear good pants, that do not get caught in the teeth of the chain rings and that allow us to pedal comfortably. We must also carry a basic puncture repair kit, to avoid leaving the bike lying around. This kit is usually a pump, a tube, a patch and glue.
  3. Choose the route:
    Now we are ready to go for a bike ride, therefore, we must find a good route to start. The perfect route to do it has to be a simple route for us, that do not have many climbs and that is on known terrain, since we are starting and we do not want greater evils. Look on the maps of the area for the best routes to go mountain biking, since there is a lot of information on the internet on this subject.

Tips to get started in mountain biking

  • With a partner: Going with a partner is always more fun, since that way we can share our passion. He can also help us if we have an accident.

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