How To Gain Muscle Mass

Discovering how we can gain muscle mass fast is one of the points that most concerns all of us who start going to a gym. This is logical, since when a man or woman starts to train, they will always want to replace body fat with muscle mass and see their body big and well-shaped.

Greater muscle growth is not achieved by training alone. If our goal is to gain 5 muscle mass in just four short weeks, we will be able to increase about 5 kilograms of muscle mass.

Instructions to gain muscle mass

  1. We are going to see how to gain muscle mass quickly and naturally, without resorting to vitamin and carbohydrate supplements. Although this will help us in the task of building a harmonious and strong body, it can also generate negative effects and cause our body to suffer unwanted consequences and with which we will not achieve unpleasant results if we do not have a strong structure to counteract them..
  2. We must use any exercise routine for a maximum of 3 months, after this period of time, it is necessary to incorporate a different routine to stimulate the muscle fibers in a differentiated way and avoid lack of progression. Due to the above, it is necessary that we have 3 or 4 different routines, but always designed to increase muscle mass. In this way our muscular progress will be evident and we will see results in much less time.
  3. We must incorporate stretching exercises prior to our volume routine for muscle mass, since they are essential to favor a more intense contraction of the muscles and a greater performance of our exercises, all of which favors obtaining maximum results in their development. Does one stretching exercise for smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, or calves and at least two stretching exercises for larger muscle groups like pecks, back muscles, or thighs.
  4. One of the most important aspects for us to achieve a maximum increase in our muscle mass is precisely enough rest between training sessions on different days, as well as the quality of rest. This is because during muscle rest, the repair and strengthening of muscle fibers takes place. For this reason, it is necessary to rest each muscle group for at least 2 days, avoiding carrying out the same training in a period of less than 48 hours. The quality of rest is also very important, since it favors availability for training and decreases muscle tone during sleep, which greatly increases complete muscle rest.
  5. We must consume carbohydrates, if we want to gain muscle, we have to eat enough carbohydrates, recommending between 3 and 4 grams of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight, this is essential and we need it so that we are full of energy and can carry out intense and demanding training, in addition to recover the muscle more easily.
  6. For muscle development it is important that we take protein, at least 1g per kilo of weight, although in intense training you should eat up to 2g per kilo of body weight, we need it to regenerate muscle myofibrils broken in training.
  7. It is essential that we drink water before, during and after training, dehydration, however little it may be, affects the athletic capacity of the individual and the physique in general, in addition the muscles are made up of more than 60% water.
  8. It is very necessary to consume fat, this is necessary to produce thermogenesis and metabolize adipose tissue, in addition to protecting the muscle from catabolizing and allowing us to train harder and more intensely.
  9. It is good to increase muscle mass that we eat between five and six meals a day, spaced two or three hours apart at most, so we will have the most stable glucose level and you will always have your muscles full of energy. The most important meal now is the post training meal, as our desire is to increase muscle size we should eat a source of protein and carbohydrates in the first 20 minutes after training, if they can be predigested for easy and rapid absorption.
  10. An important food is egg whites, as they are among the fastest digesting sources of protein, making them ideal for a pre- or post-workout meal, and the yolks are loaded with lecithin and healthy fats(and also of saturated fat), but are assimilated very slowly.
  11. If we take antioxidants, they help us in the deterioration of muscle cells, and specifically vitamins C and E that favor the anabolic process of recovery, regeneration and cell growth in muscles.
  12. Although sodium is an enemy because it retains liquids, this is an essential mineral necessary for better absorption of nutrients, it is also a natural enhancer of the anabolic hormone insulin, and it is lost when sweating during intense training.
  13. For our breakfast, the ideal is to consume oatmeal since it is rich in proteins of high biological value, fats, minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and E. With a good amount of fibers that contribute to good intestinal function.
  14. We should also eat nuts, as they are rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats (the best walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds). They are very useful to use between meals or added to a meal to improve the amount of protein.

What do you need to gain muscle mass?

  • We must have the meal and drink plan at hand to carry out the procedure to the letter and thus be able to achieve good results.
  • motivation
  • Be constant and exercise daily, if not, we will not reach our goal.
  • We must always have the food and products that we need to eat daily, in order to keep control and order of our process.

Tips to gain muscle mass

  • Let’s focus on complex exercises instead of single joint ones.
  • Let’s not abuse the bodybuilding machines, if we want to involve the greatest amount of muscle mass possible, it is a mistake that we use those machines that stabilize the exercise for us.
  • Let’s forget about the myth of the volume phase and definition phase
  • Let’s not confuse strength training with hypertrophy, for this we need to work at a high range of repetitions, from 8, being more important the time under tension, the volume of training, and the partial recovery between sets than the load.
  • Be careful with stimulants like caffeine
  • We must sleep enough, if we do not sleep enough, it can affect the recovery and regeneration process of tissues damaged during training, lengthening the recovery time necessary for full recovery.
  • Protein is important but it is not the king of the diet.
  • If we suffer from any pathology in the back or knees, there are exercises that could harm us, so it is best to consult previously with the gym teacher or a specialist in the subject.

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