How to Do Sports If I Want To Get Pregnant

Women used to doing sports often wonder whether or not this will affect their pregnancy, whether they want to get pregnant or are pregnant. The concern arises: how to play sports if I want to get pregnant.

Many factors influence a woman to get pregnant, without a doubt, one of the ones that helps the most is that she perform physical exercise on a regular basis because this keeps the body in better health. So, if you’re worried about how your sport or physical activity will influence your chances of getting pregnant, don’t worry, it will be in your favor. The only recommendation and the most important is that any sport you do while trying to get pregnant should be done in moderation, without great physical demands. So that you know more details about this topic, we will answer your question: how to do sports if I want to get pregnant.

What do you need to play sports if I want to get pregnant?

  • Play sports moderately.
  • Daily walks starting with 10 minutes, over time increasing to 40 minutes.
  • Comfortable sports clothing and shoes

Instructions for doing sports if I want to get pregnant

  1. We already know that a sedentary lifestyle is very negative for all aspects of life and thus also affects the stress that is directly related to when you want to get pregnant. That is why sport or any physical activity if you practice it regularly, without exaggeration, is very beneficial when it comes to wanting to get pregnant, it will undoubtedly help your physical and mental state to be conducive to getting pregnant.
  2. Although physical exercise is always a positive factor for health, in the case of wanting to get pregnant, moderation should prevail. In the past, doctors recommended women rest if they wanted to conceive, but now it is well known that physical activity benefits health and does not rule out the conception of a child.
  3. We should not take it as if not exercising will prevent you from conceiving or that you should start doing it in order to conceive, we are referring to the woman who was already doing sports before trying to conceive. If you are not used to exercising, it is highly recommended that you do it but little by little. You can go for a walk starting with small walks of 10 minutes each day and little by little, increase the pace and frequency as well as the time you spend walking, but avoid getting too tired.
  4. But if you already do a sport at a competitive level, you can continue doing it but in a less intense way so that it does not affect the possibility of getting pregnant. There are cases of female athletes who, due to the great demand in training, lose regularity in menstruation, and this has a great influence when it comes to wanting to conceive, that is why we recommend you slowdown in sports without stopping practicing it.
  5. Another important factor is being overweight. We already know that it is not good for pregnancy or for trying to conceive, especially if it is a lot, so if you suffer from it, it is convenient that you do aerobic activity at a gentle pace for more than 40 minutes. It is a good way to play sports if you want to get pregnant because, on the one hand, you will get in shape and be more likely to conceive and, on the other, it is not convenient for you to have extra kilos when you get pregnant, remember that during the pregnancy you always gain kilos. Do not forget that if you are not used to exercising, start by training for 10 minutes, to increase this time little by little.

Tips for doing sports if I want to get pregnant

  • Consider the sport you do as fun, to clear your mind, put aside competition as this can stress you instead of relaxing you.
  • Always consult your doctor for advice on how sport can affect your pregnancy.

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