How to Do Hip Flexion

Push-ups are one of the most globalized exercises. This is not in vain, because push- ups are safe exercises. Push-ups give the body consistency and a lot of strength. There are many types of push-ups for different parts of the body. One of the less used, or perhaps less known by name, are the so-called hip push-ups.

Exercising the hip is vitally important. Sometimes people forget to exercise the hip muscles, because they are unaware of the serious consequences that this can have. For some these go unnoticed in the human body and in its exercises.

What you should know is that the hip muscles are essential when you run, that is, in the strides when running. Well, having a strong and exercised hip will also allow you to have greater stability in the body.

The hip has many joints. One of them is the one that joins the lower limb with the pelvis. This allows the mobility of the body. All this is interwoven with tendons, cartilage, which gives the body stability as well as ease of movement.

Therefore, the hip is an area of ​​the body that requires important care, since any damage it may suffer can limit the daily physical activity of any person.

But you should not worry, because there is still time to put your hip in the care phase. There are exercises that give them great vitality. For that you do not need a lot of time, just the desire and perseverance.

Hip functions

Before you venture into hip flexion you should learn more about this important part of your body. Knowing about the functions of the hip will help you understand the importance of exercising them.

  1. The hips provide stability and balance to the human body, in activities such as walking and running properly.
  2. They allow the human body to be aligned.
  3. The hips are the ones that support the entire weight of the body.
  4. The hips have four basic movements that are essential for locomotion and the physical development of the organism: Flexion, Extension, Abduction (being able to separate the leg from the body), and Adduction (being able to bring the leg closer to the body).

These functions make the muscles of the hip vital for the proper development of the human body. The hip joint muscles should also be exercised, since their strengthening will allow you to have a better physical performance.

Exercising the hips

The hips are an area of ​​the body that has more than 20 muscles. They must be exercised, especially if you are a person who is dedicated to the sports world. Not exercising your hips can cause a lot of damage to other of your muscles. If you don’t exercise your hips you can get injuries due to the stresses placed on your hip muscles.

Flexion exercises are one of the most complete and that correctly exercise your hips.Many of the hip muscles participate in this type of exercise, they are the well-known Psoas, the Iliac us, the Sartorius Rectus Anterior (Quadriceps) and the tensor of the Fascia late.

Here are some exercises to help exercise the hip. These will allow you to better move it and strengthen it. In the event that you have pain in your hip, they should be performed more frequently, that is, 2 or three times a day for 15 minutes. If you do not have any pain, your frequency will be less, and once a day will be enough, with the aim of exercising them.

Hip flexion and extension

  1. You must stand in front of a wall and turn on your side. Lean your remaining arm toward the wall, on it.
  2. Being in the initial position, take a breath through your nose, release it through your mouth and at that moment raise the leg that is opposite the wall upwards.
  3. Once up, he keeps it there for 5 seconds and then slowly lowers it. Then do 15 repetitions with each leg and do it backwards as well.

Knee and hip flexion

This combination of knee and hip flexion is very good. In this exercise, several muscles are being mixed and two parts of the body are being exercised: the knee and the hip.

  1. Also leaning against the wall sideways. Start by breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then raise your foot, as if you had a chair underneath and where your knee forms a 90º angle.
  2. In that up position he holds it for 5 seconds and then lowers. Also perform 5 repetitions and do it with both legs.

Lying hip flexion

This is a different way to the previous ones. You should lie on the floor on a padded blanket. Where your spine stays straight.

  1. Then you should raise one leg and extend it. The other leg should be bent.
  2. Perform the same procedure inhaling air through the nose and expelling it through the mouth.
  3. Then we flex the extended leg forwards and backwards (that is, it goes up and down).

This should be done 15 times and then alternate with the other leg.

Hip internal flexion

To perform this exercise you must tie the ankle, normally it is usually done to one side of the well-known cable machine.

  1. To do this, attach the band to the lower part of your right leg and position yourself with your back facing the machine’s weight setting.
  2. In that position lift your foot off the floor and bring your knee in front of your body, lift until your thigh is parallel with the floor.
  3. Then slowly lower your leg and return to the first position.

When you do at least three reps on one leg, and then do it on the other.

Hip and gluteal flexion

The exercises to strengthen the hips through push-ups are also exercises that undoubtedly extend to other parts of the body. Since this is a zone of control, equally when you do exercises to strengthen your hips you can also strengthen your knees, quads, and gluts.

Type 1

  1. On the ground, it is placed in a four-point position.
  2. Control your breathing and begin to raise one leg, in a straight way. This must be extended and raised so that it is aligned with your body.
  3. When it’s up, it holds it there for five seconds.
  4. Then lower it slowly and perform at least ten repetitions with each leg.

It is very important that you look forward, not behind because it rounds your spine.

Type 2

  1. Likewise in the four-point position.
  2. Control your breathing and lift your leg, this time articulate your knee, that is, your knee is up and has a 90º angle.
  3. In this way raise your leg and that the thigh is aligned with the floor and your back.
  4. There hold the leg for 5 seconds and then repeats at least ten times with each foot.

 The view must be kept straight ahead.

Type 3

  1. Return to the four point position, this time the exercise is complicated, because you will have to raise one hand and one leg at the same time.
  2. Grasp your right hand on your hip and at the same time lift your right foot straight out to the right side until it is perpendicular to the ground.
  3. There hold your foot for five seconds and lower slowly.

Repeat the exercise 5 times with each leg.


You should keep in mind that doing the exercises to strengthen your hip is very necessary for your physical health. Exercising your hip will give you better results in your athletic and daily performance. For this you must take into account some of our advice.

  1. When you start the series of push-up exercises, do not despair and try to do more than necessary. Take it easy and let your body get used to exercise over time.
  2. Before each exercise do a brief warm-up of the hips and the adjacent muscles.
  3. Always keep your spine straight in each exercise. Remember that the hip is the support of the weight of your body; if your spine is not straight it can put more weight on one area of ​​the hip than another and cause injuries.
  4. Do these exercises at least twice a week.
  5. Give it at least 15 or 20 minutes.
  6. For the comfort of exercising, get a padded blanket and place it on the floor to perform the exercises.

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