How to Do a Definition Diet

A definition diet is a diet that consists of adopting eating habits to promote the greatest possible loss of fat and water while losing the least possible amount of muscle mass.

A competitive bodybuilder, when he is bulking up and wants to gain muscle mass, unfortunately also gains a large amount of fat in the process. The problem with this is that to look attractive you have to lose all this fat gained, for which it is necessary to follow the definition diet.

A definition diet carried out correctly makes you lose little mass. On the other hand, if done incorrectly, it can cause you to completely lose the precious muscle tissue that you have worked so hard to achieve on the bulking diet.

In addition, a good diet to define will not destroy your metabolism, which the famous strict diets with rebound effect do. The best thing about these diets is that you are not really going to starve, but rather we are going to opt for a slow and safe process to eliminate fat.

Whether you are a bodybuilder or a normal user who wants to finally get six pack abs, this article will work for you because instead of prescribing a definition diet, it teaches you to create your own.

What do you need to do a definition diet?

  • A kitchen scale to weigh food.
  • A normal scale to control weight.
  • Pen and notebook.
  • Calculator.
  • Willpower.
  • Much patience.

Instructions for doing a definition diet

  1. Set goals:
    If you want to reach a goal, the important thing is to have a map to reach it. If, for example, you weighed yourself this morning, you weigh 100 kilos and your goal is to lose 80 kilos, you should lose 20 kilos. To plan your goal, you must bear in mind that you cannot lose more than half a kilo per week on a definition diet, so the time it will take will be longer the more weight you want to lose. In the case of the example, it would take 10 months to lose all the fat correctly without sacrificing muscle mass.
  2. Calculate caloric expenditure:
    As when doing volume, we must calculate the calories we need to eat to maintain our weight. First we will weigh ourselves on a Monday morning that Monday we will count the calories that we are eating. To count without making mistakes, we will use the kitchen scale and the nutritional information labels of the products. After a week we will weigh ourselves again, and if we have maintained our weight, those calories are our caloric expenditure.
  3. Definition diet:
    Now we are going to eat 500 kcal less than our caloric expenditure. We are also going to restrict foods high in sugar and saturated fat such as cakes, pastries or fried foods. Surely you already knew that eating 2000 kcal of sugar is not the same as eating them from whole foods, since insulin and muscles play a role. Essential role in the definition. Excess sugar causes insulin resistance, which slows down your metabolism and stops you from losing weight.
  4. Exercises:
    To define yourself, in addition to eating less you must also perform different exercises to maintain yourself. A good example of a week of exercises would be this.

    1. Monday: Chest, shoulder and triceps weight training. Perform multi-joint exercises like bench press, French press, and military press.
    2. Tuesday: Moderate cardio, for example, run 3 kilometers at a standard speed or cycle 6 kilometers.
    3. Wednesday: Leg weight training. Do exercises like the squat or the incline press?
    4. Thursday: High Intensity Hit Training. You can from sprinting and resting, to jumping rope. The key is that the hit is short but intense.
    5. Friday: Total rest.
    6. Saturday: Weight training for back, biceps and forearms. Do exercises like deadlifts, pull-ups, or bicep curls?
    7. Sunday: Total rest.
  5. Removing water:
    An important part of the definition diet is removing excess fluids from your body. When the body is gaining weight it takes a lot of water, which in excess is unsightly. Eat foods like green tea, drink a lot of water (ironically, the more you drink the looser), take enough fiber and do not abuse salt.

Tips for doing a definition diet

  • Adapt and control: Every week you should take a weight control to know if you are losing weight well. If in a week you have not lost half a kilo, do not be alarmed and wait. If it’s been several weeks without losing weight, go thinking about making some changes such as eating a little less and giving more power to physical exercise. If you are losing too much weight, you should also make changes such as eating more or doing less cardio, to avoid losing muscle mass.
  • I don’t want to kid you: even if you follow the correct diet, you will lose some mass (unless you use steroids and others). It’s all about losing as little as possible and heading into the summer with as much muscle mass as possible. If, for example, of the 12 kilos of muscle that you gained in volume, you keep 8, it is a very good result, since with the strict diet you normally lose the 12 kilos that you have gained.

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