How to Defend Yourself

Defending yourself is very important in these times, since we have dangers that lie in wait for us every day, which can affect us any day.

The difference between people who know how to defend themselves and people who do not know how to defend themselves is evident. A person who knows self-defense, has an accompanying physique, and knows all the “tricks” of the street, is able to protect himself much more effectively than another person who has no idea about self-defense.

For example, imagine that a person comes to you to try to stick a knife. Under normal conditions, that person is going to stab you with the knife and can even cause death. However, if you know how to defend yourself, you can take away the knife and avoid that aggression or at least minimize it as much as possible.

In addition, knowing how to defend yourself will not only protect you from razors and knives, but it will also protect you from other very serious problems such as bullying, attempted rape or a problem with violent people in a group.

Whatever it is, knowing self-defense never hurts, even if you never fight, since prevention is better than cure. In addition, learning to defend yourself can be a good way to practice sports, since it allows you to stay healthy both inside and out.

Today I am going to teach you the best self-defense tricks, so that when you have problems of any kind, you can defend yourself from those people who try to attack you and always be safe.

That yes, a warning that I have to give you. This article is merely informative and its purpose is to teach how to defend yourself, not how to hit or be violent. If your goal is to learn to attack others, this is not your site, so I am not responsible for the use that you can give to this article.

Once the clarification is made, we go there with the detailed information on how to defend you.

Instructions to defend yourself

  1. Strengthen your body:
    The first thing you should do when it comes to defending yourself is to get a body according to your defensive skills. Many people believe that knowing a bit of martial arts is enough to defend you; however, I believe that this is not exactly the case. Suffice it to say that they separate fighters by weight class for a reason. What I advise you are to lift weights, stay in good shape, lose the extra kilos in case you have excess and always be in good shape. In this way, you will already be one step ahead of other people with a sedentary life, since if you develop good strength and have a good physical condition; you will be better prepared for combat.
  2. Basic hitting:
    Now we are going to explain the basic hitting, which is essential in any street conflict. The first thing you should know is how to throw a punch with good posture. First of all, stand with one leg a little forward, in a position that allows you to leverage with the hip. You must hit with your arm behind that is, if your right leg is behind, hit with your right arm. It must be a quick, dry and straight blow, while also moving the hip to be able to use the body weight against the opponent. If you don’t have elasticity or speed, don’t do kicks, as they could catch you by the leg and end up on the ground, which is almost never a good thing. You can also learn a key, such as grabbing the opponent from below and throwing him to the ground or doing a Komura key to immobilize him. There is information about this in other articles in this section, which I advise you to visit.
  3. Avoid Weapons:
    In a fight, the appearance of a weapon changes everything, since usually the one who is unarmed has the losing side. Luckily, there are tricks to avoiding knives and other sharp objects. If a person pulls a knife from you, try to give a quick kick to the hand, so that you lose the grip on the wrist and the knife falls, which you have to try to catch to control the fight (never stick it because on top of that you will go to jail). If you don’t know how to kick, try to grab an object that is lying around, like a stick, and then hit the opponent’s hand, so that he drops the knife again. What you should never do is approach him directly as if you don’t was armed, because if you do that you will surely earn a knife.
  4. Dirty tactics as a last resort:
    If you see that there are many against you and you cannot do more, you will have to use dirty play to get out of the way. The most obvious form of foul play is the ball kick, which is easy and effective to perform. Also try hitting the eyes, the nose, pulling the hair if he has long hair, or hitting joints like the knee. You can also use anti-rape sprays, throw sand in his eyes and run away, throw his jacket in his face so he can’t see and walk or stick your fingers in his eyes directly. In war everything goes to get ahead, so don’t cut yourself off since he’s not going to cut you off.

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