How To Cross Country Ski

That is cross-country skiing? If you don’t know it, we are going to explain it to you with simple steps so that you understand it in a simple and easy way, since it needs you to understand it, the basic training and the special equipment to be able to practice it, especially since it is winter.

Yes. You already have the first statement, cross-country skiing is a winter sport, and it is also addictive, recreational, and popular and is gaining more and more followers at the level of sports that are practiced at this wonderful and cold time of the year, having the conditions for this.

Cross country skiing requires large tracts of terrain, with a special technique that differentiates it from other activities carried out on snow, where the surface must be flat or with some slight slopes that do not require much effort.

Cross-country skiing has several ways to practice it, offering benefits for those who are often attracted to this type of activity, among which we can mention:

  • Keeping fit.
  • Hiking outdoors.
  • Enjoy a moment alone.
  • As a means of relaxation.
  • To move from one place to another.
  • Helps in the respiratory and cardiovascular system.
  • Prevents stress and anxiety.

What do you need to do cross-country skiing?

  •  Special team.
  •  Skis.
  • Canes.
  • Sportswear.
  • Ski shoes.
  • Wide and flat area.
  • Snow.
  • Winter.
  • Cold.
  • You want to have fun.

Instructions for cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing has the particularity of being one of the most rewarding activities when it comes to spending a pleasant, fun time full of clean air and without stress to forget for a short time about the daily activities to which we dedicate ourselves.

Do you feel that you are too nervous and have problems with a lot of activity? You can escape to cross-country skiing any weekend, even if you don’t live in a community with snow, and move around the flat terrain enjoying the landscape and the environment that surrounds you.

The ideal thing about cross-country skiing is that you do not need a special training technique or difficult steps to practice it, just by having the place, skiing and the desire to be outdoors in the snow you can achieve it, so it is also very easy draws a lot of attention.

More about cross-country skiing

  1. It is important to know that to be able to do cross-country skiing, you can practice it as experienced if you have already done other activities such as roller skating or in-line skating, since being able to move has a very similar form.
  2. It is a way of bringing communication to those who cannot move because they live in quite distant areas, especially in countries where winter lasts all year and the only way to get to those parts is through skis.
  3. Cross-country skiing is also known as cross-country skiing, although in competition it is usually evaluated according to the time it takes to cover the space, at another time it is usually more enjoyable, fun and stress-free for those who love snow.
  4. In the sport, cross-country skiing is characterized by having the following modalities: Uphill, when with a specialized technique they can manage to climb; in descent, with fast techniques they manage to cover great distances in less time; flat, when the displacement is a flat level.
  5. Athletes in this discipline are called long distance runners.
  6. In order to move, people who practice this sport in competitions must carry long, thin skis, as well as elongated, thin poles, ending in a round sphere with a point with which they push themselves to move.
  7. Cross-country skiing is usually the one that most people practice worldwide, since it does not require a specialized technique, but it does require basic notions to move on flat terrain and be able to enjoy three things: winter, snow and sports.
  8. It is a free technique that anyone can practice, in order to be able to move, propelling themselves with the poles, having freedom of movement and making figures with which to achieve a higher speed or slide smoothly.
  9. In order to be able to slide, you must lean your torso forward slightly, take the polls with both hands, in addition to semi-kneeling, leveling your feet and knees to achieve a better impulse that leads you to move.
  10. With the poles at your sides you must make small movements with which to strengthen the way in which you are going to move, letting the foot move first and then the other, so you will realize if you really know how to do it or if you need some lessons.
  11. Remember it’s like rollerblading, and if you have, think of balancing your body to keep your balance as if you had those rollerblades, only the difference is that you have a thin, long element that you might see as difficult.
  12. You must have most of your resistance and strength in your feet, although the body also works, you also have the power to move to any side with the help of the poles and to move sideways with your knees together.
  13. To get up you should take into account that you have to take off your skis and place them to one side, you should also try to get on your knees, in a place where the snow is not so deep and use the poles to help you stand up, and then return to put on your skis.
  14. The important thing is that when you let yourself roll you must stand up, to start moving again and not try to get up with the skis on your feet, as this will prevent you from doing it quickly or with problems if you are an inexperienced person.
  15. First of all, you should also have a relaxed body, as this will help you learn to keep your balance when trying to move through the large, flat space in front of you in order to take advantage of everything you have at your disposal to ski.
  16. Remember that if you do not have the specific training, it is likely that you will lose your balance most of the time, with this you will be able to get up from the ground quickly and at the same time give yourself experiences to learn and advance.
  17. You have the possibility to propel yourself both with your arms and with your sticks, it is an open field where you have the possibility to move as you please, taking into account that the body will always be the one to do the force for it.
  18. If you like cross -country skiing, you can take it as an exercise to lose weight and manage to do it considering that it is a practice that usually puts effort on the legs, as well as the waist and abdomen, so you will be able to stay in shape.
  19. This practice is considered quite beneficial for the vascular system, in addition to the respiratory system, it is not necessary that you think about the muscular pain that the force can offer you, on the contrary it means that you are working what is necessary.
  20. The movement of propelling yourself forward is a way of working the muscles of the arms; therefore it is usually a highly recommended practice for the whole body, where it requires quite a strong physical effort.
  21. Even if you see it difficult at first, do not worry about consistency and perseverance are things that will make you successful in this discipline, with which you can lose weight in addition to maintaining your figure and it is something with which you can recover your strength and energy.
  22. To move up a small slope you have the possibility of climbing as in steps taking one ski up and then the other, when you have practiced you will see that you can do it faster and more often.
  23. The poles are your support to push yourself while you use them to slide, it is important that you have them wherever you go, since they are the only thing to help you get up and maintain the positions with which you can go from one side to another.
  24. To brake on any type of terrain you just have to use the skis and close the front part, aligning the tips in the front and separating in the back that will lighten the speed you have, making you slow down and be able to stop without having problems in it.
  25. This part improves your stop when you start cross-country skiing and thus achieve techniques to perform this sport when you decide to practice it, although you should find an instructor to help you with some initial lessons.
  26. An important part is to keep the skis always aligned in front of you and if you feel that you are going to fall, slow down, so the fall will not have any incident in which you have some kind of limb fracture or any unpleasant event.

Tips for cross-country skiing

  • You must go slowly trying to learn little by little without rushing since it is something easy, but it has its techniques.
  • Try to be as comfortable as possible with the instruments you handle.
  • Try to always be with the right equipment in order to be well prepared for any incident.
  • It is pleasant activities that will help you relax, so think about starting to practice it if you have anxiety and stress problems.
  • Supervise children who tend to attract attention to this sport, especially if they have never practiced it.
  • Try not to cross-country ski at a very fast speed if you are just starting out, to avoid having any kind of accident.

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