How to Choose Volleyball

One of the most played sports in schools is volleyball, a sport that consists of a team sport where you have to put the ball in the opposite field. If you play this sport, you should try to choose a good volleyball to be able to play the right way, without there being any problem when playing.

Volleyballs are usually similar to soccer balls, but completely white in color and a little lighter than these, since we are going to keep them in the air. I remember that they look so much alike that the boys stole the volleyballs at the institute to play soccer and the girls the soccer balls to play volleyball, something that worked.

However, as adults we have to look for a decent ball to be able to play better, something that not everyone knows how to look for, since it is not such a popular sport, there is not much information on the net.

However, that is what we are here for, to offer you the highest quality of information as always. Today we present how we can buy the best volleyball ball, always taking into account its quality and price.

Volleyball materials

The first thing we must look at in order to buy the best possible volleyball ball is the material from which it is made, since it is not even similar to a ball with a good material, than a ball that has a defective material of poor quality. That means that if the ball has a material like leather, it will be of better quality than a material like this made of prefabricated plastic, which will be blown away by the wind and will end up broken right away.

What you have to keep in mind is that cheap is often expensive, so you can buy a ball for three euros and have it broken two days later, having to buy another ball for three euros another 10 times a year if you play a lot, with an expense of 30 euros in total. On the other hand, you can buy a good ball for 20 euros and have it for one or two years of intensive use, so you will end up saving money in the long term, something that is undoubtedly very important.

For this reason, always look for balls that are of good quality, because unless you are going to have a one- day party with friends, you will want something that lasts a long time and is of good quality, I at least.

Volley ball weight

Now we must take into account the weight of the ball, which must be a weight that allows us to handle the ball very well, because if we have a weight that is too heavy, we will not be able to handle it correctly. If, on the other hand, the weight is very light, we will not do it either, since it will fly through the air at no time if we are playing outdoors.

Although this ball is less heavy than that of other sports such as futsal, it does weigh a bit, because if we take one of these very light balls, we will end up with a ball that looks more like a balloon than a ball, a ball in the Which before I go down you have time to have a coffee. It must be a ball that neither falls from lead nor floats in the air, a regulation ball with a correct weight, that is neither a heavyweight nor a lightweight, that is, that is a middleweight. The truth is that most approved balls comply with this, so if you don’t buy a ball from the Chinese on the corner, you will almost certainly find a good ball.

Volley ball price

Of course, something cheap is not the same as something that is paid at a luxury price. Many people spend 50 euros on a ball, something that unless you are a professional player does not make any sense. Volleyballs should not exceed 30 euros, since these already meet the quality standard of 90% of people, being good quality balls, balls that weigh normal and that can be played with for years because It Does not break.

Really, even with a 15 euro ball you could hold out, since these balls also have a pretty good quality, much better than the ones from the Chinese. What you have to do is spend between 15 and 30 euros, since the brands will sometimes raise the price more or less depending on the kind of ball we have in mind. For example, quality brands will put it between 5 and 10 euros more expensive than white brands, because the brand always pays. However, on many occasions it is the same ball, so you should compare it and stay with the best value for money.

Where to buy

Of course, many people ask what kind of ball they have to buy but do not know where they are sold. As with sports such as rugby, volleyball is a sport that in Spain is practiced on the beach, in schools and little else, so it is not as widespread as soccer and other mainstream sports. For this reason, you should try to choose a ball that has the right characteristics, but buying it is sometimes complicated, because we cannot find the store in our town.

For example, it can be found in large sports stores, such as decimals, in the ball area. I’ve also seen them at decathlon, which is available in several cities, at forum sport and at other small neighborhood stores. Of course, many times they are not exposed, but surely if you ask the owner of the store or an employee to take it out and you can see it with your own eyes.

I have always liked the option of buying online, since you can find everything and have it sent directly to your home, something that is undoubtedly a great advantage for us. For example, we can get volleyball from eBay or from online sports stores very easily, so you can try to search for one of these stores and place an order, since 99% of these stores are legit and of high quality.

To play on the beach

One thing is volleyball and another thing is beach volleyball, since one is a sport that is played on the track and another is played on the beach, as a leisure sport. What we should try to do is look for a ball that is slightly different from the volleyball court ball, since on the beach, we are not going to need such a heavy ball, but we are also going to need a larger ball, so that it does not go away with the wind.

Many people who do not play this seriously, with a balloon to inflate it is enough to play this sport, however, if you like to compete and ride it well, you should buy a decent beach volleyball, which will also last longer. Time, it will not be affected by the wind and you will be able to hit it better than with a standard ball.

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