How to Choose Inline Skates

It seems that skates are beginning to become fashionable among young people just like they have been for quite a few years. Inline skates are a kind of shoe with 4 hooked wheels located in single file in the center of the sole of the shoe, one behind the other.

Also called aggressive skates, they are used for all kinds of activities whether it is free skating around town, exercising, using them as a means of transportation, playing roller hockey and jumping off ramps at skate parks.

Inline skating is not an easy task and requires a lot of learning and many falls. It is a very exciting sport that if mastered is very fun and exciting. The first thing is to get the skates, but it is a difficult choice in certain cases, especially if we do not have knowledge in the matter. Choosing good skates makes a difference as they prevent accidents and ensure a fun skating experience.

But calm down, we come to the rescue to offer you a small manual on how to properly choose good inline skates.

What do you need to choose inline skates?

  • Money to buy skates:
  • Be clear what I want to do with skates:
  • Observation capacity:

Instructions for choosing inline skates

  1. What do I want to do with them?
    The skates have different and varied uses, from playing field hockey to going for a walk, the needs of the skates vary a lot with respect to what you want to do. Taking this into account, take the appropriate skates for your use, first go to a specialized store rather than a department store, it can be both a physical store and an online store, since there will be more variety. Be clear that field hockey skates will be different from skate skates.
  2. Size:
    Skates are still shoes, but they are slightly more dangerous shoes, so it is important that you buy skates that fit you perfectly. If the skate is too loose there may be a risk of falls, if the skate is too tight it will be uncomfortable and feet may be injured. Use your size and if necessary try on several skates until you find the ideal skate.
  3. Wheels:
    The wheels are the support point of the skate. Buy sturdy wheels, about 80mm in length, as this is the size that ensures a balance between wear and control. Poorly chosen wheels could not only break sooner, but could cause excessive falls due to poor fit or make it uncomfortable to stand on. The skate on the ground.
  4. Brands:
    Cheap is expensive friends, in these cases it is better to buy a specialized brand skate, even if it is more expensive, such as the Rollerblade brand, since they ensure quality. White marks may be valid to start with but your skate will probably end up broken after two days so they are not recommended. If you are hesitating between 100 and 150 scooters, always go for the 150 ones, since the 100 euro ones could break before or stop being useful.
  5. Colors:
    The skate comes in several colors, choose the one you like the most but keep in mind that the brands will bring out special ranges of colors that may be more expensive than others, so we recommend that you take advantage of sales and promotions before opting for the ranges specials. You can also find special features like glow-in-the-dark wheels or multi-color skates, all of which are optional.
  6. Fastening:
    The guide or fastening ensures that the skates are useful for something, without it would only be a shoe since it is what keeps the wheels attached to the shoe. Choose a good quality guide such as aluminum because if you choose a plastic guide it could break and you would lose the money invested in it, carbon fiber guides are for competition and although it is the best option it is too expensive to use it on the street.

Tips for choosing inline skates

  • Check with the professionals: This is one of the reasons why we recommend specialized stores before superstores. In these stores you can find people with great knowledge about skates who can advise you better on what you are looking for. Do not be shy and seek advice from them and they will give you what you need whether you are going to play field hockey or use them for walks.
  • Maintenance: The skates must be taken care of otherwise they could be damaged before time. Clean your skates often, be careful with the guide and fit the skate to the shoe in a correct way.

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