How to Be a Soccer Coach

A soccer coach is the person in charge of directing and managing his team, trying to get them to win a corresponding candidate.

Many people want to play soccer, but not everyone has the necessary talent. Being a coach is something more technical, since although there are very talented people training, a less talented person can learn and be a good coach, something that is much more complicated in the case of a footballer.

In addition, coaches are increasingly valued, since there are coaches like Pep Guard Iola who even earn more than their players. Let’s say that history has done them justice, since it has been seen that a different coach in the same squad can perform miracles.

A coach must know tactics, motivation, have charisma, know how to prepare a player physically, know how to make changes in real time and, above all, know how to manage a full season.

A coach is not alone, as he has a group of professionals around him who help him make decisions. Among whom we have the second coach, the delegate, physical trainer, goalkeeper…

A futsal coach usually has a similar profile to the 11-a-side football coach, but must be adapted to this discipline and prepare the players in a different way.

If your dream is to be a coach, I will tell you that it is possible, since everything has a beginning. I don’t guarantee you’ll get to coach the soccer elite, but I do guarantee you’ll train in at least one team and have your coaching license.

We like that your dreams come true, for this reason, we are going to teach you how you can be a soccer coach, obtaining the necessary licenses to be one and thus being able to train both soccer and soccer living room.

Instructions to be a soccer coach

  1. Basic titles:
    The first thing you must do to be a soccer coach is to get a degree, that is, get the necessary titles to start training. First you have to start with the basics, since everything has a beginning. There are two basic titles, the Sports Diploma and the basic coach, titles that teach you everything a novice coach needs to know and that will allow you to coach small regional teams or youth teams. These titles are not very expensive, but they will not get you very far either, although they are a good start to a good coaching career.
  2. Intermediate titles:
    Once you have mastered the basic titles, we have to go for the intermediate titles, which already allow us to train in amateur adult teams, that is, in the adult category, both in soccer and futsal. These are two again, being the Advanced Trainer and the professional trainer. These titles are already somewhat more expensive and are obtained in the RFEF, but they will be worth it to continue with a good coaching career. Here they already teach you more advanced things like motivation tactics, training model and others. If you already have these titles, it’s time to move on to the last phase.
  3. Advanced titles:
    Now you can move on to the elite of football, with the 3 official UEFA titles, that is, UEFA B, UEFA A and UEFA PRO. These three titles are already advanced, which is why they have a very high price as a master’s degree, but they are worth it if you want to go seriously. The first qualifies you to be a coach in amateur teams (from third down) and second coach in semi-professional teams. The second qualifies you to be a coach in semi-professional teams (second B) and to be an assistant coach in professional teams. The last one is the one that all the famous coaches have, which allows you to coach any professional team (first and second).
  4. Find Teams:
    Now that you’re a coach, you’ll need to find teams to get started. The normal thing is to start in futsal, since it is simpler and can be used as a base to learn in the football of the greats, but it is also a good option to learn in the lower categories of football 11, I will leave that to your choice. Go looking for teams as you get the titles, to be able to study and learn the following titles while you gain experience as a coach (in addition to earning some money to pay for expensive coaching courses). Try to gain experience on the bench and surround yourself with a trustworthy coaching staff that helps your players give everything.

Tips for being a soccer coach

  • Goalkeeper coach: There are also goalkeeper coach titles available, which is in charge of exclusively training goalkeepers. The goalkeeper coach is not a well-known piece in the world of coaches, but he is an important piece, since he guarantees the success of the goalkeeper. If you get the two goalkeeping coach titles that there are (intermediate level), you can now be a goalkeeping coach in any first division team, which can help you reach the elite sooner if you can’t afford the UEFA card.

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