How to Bankroll In Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a sliding sport that consists of the use of a traction kite (kite), which pulls the athlete (kilter) by four or five (rarely two) lines, two fixed to the bar, and the two or three The rest pass through the center of the bar and are attached to the body by means of a harness, allowing them to glide over the water by means of a board designed for this purpose.

We will try to explain in this article the basic steps to know how to make a bankroll in kite surfing. The bankroll in kite surfing is a simple trick to perform unhooked or unhooked, with the kite under power. We must have learned the riley before practicing this trick, and have knowledge and control of the kite when sailing unhooked.

The Bankroll in Kite surfing is one of the first alternatives for those who begin to gain confidence with navigation in unhooked mode. This maneuver tries to make a front side rotation to end up making a 360 degree turn on our vertical axis.

We will indicate the necessary steps to know how to Bankroll in kite surfing.

What do you need to do Bankroll in Kite surfing?

  • Kite surf equipment (harness, boom, kite or kite, board)
  • helmet, vest, wetsuit

Instructions to do Bankroll in Kite surfing

  1. In order to make a good bankroll, the first thing we must do is place our kite at 45 degrees. It is essential to have a good speed and cut hard.
  2. The next step is to drop slightly to the length to gain maximum speed, we recommend keeping your hands centered on the bar throughout the trick so that our kite does not lose stability.
  3. Then, and most importantly, it is to cut hard as soon as we feel a good sense of speed. It is important not to lose the tension of the lines at any time by exceeding our course to the length and pressing hard on our heels at the time of trimming.
  4. After having cut and when our board is taking off from the water, it will be time to start the maneuver. We advise bringing our head towards the front shoulder to start the front side rotation, while our shoulders, hips and legs accompany the turn.
  5. We must try to propel ourselves enough not to go too far or to fall short and to be able to iron the trick having made the complete 360 ​​degree turn.
  6. We have to keep our eyes fixed on the water and our hands centered on the bar with our arms semi flexed close to our body.
  7. Finally, at the end of the trick, we will flex our legs to have absolute control of the reception by lowering our center of gravity, we will bring the bar closer to our hips and we will get to the length to hook again.

Tips for Bankrolling in Kite surfing

  • Before doing a trick in kite surfing you must have practiced a lot.
  • Check whenever you do something new with your coach.
  • Have tried the hooked rotation before trying this maneuver and have the riley controlled to make a good cut.
  • The practice of kite with land wind (off-shore) is not recommended, because it moves too far from the beach.

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